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Product Description    Spiralizer

Description : The Chef Avenue 3 in 1 Turning Slicer is a high quality turning type of slicer, made of sturdy material and comes with 3 interchangeable high quality surgical stainless steel blades (Angel-Hair shredder blade, Spaghetti-like shredder blade and a flat slicing blade) and compartment for storage.  The exceptional design allows for easy and safe operation by pushing and winding the handles. The Chef Avenue 3 in 1 Turning Slicer makes spiral shapes and spaghetti from most firm fleshed fruit and vegetables. It’s easy to clean and the suction base design enhances the stability. It makes 2mm angel hair shapes and 5mm noodle shapes and spiral slicers.

Chef Avenue 3 in 1 Turning Slicer has rapidly become a friend of raw foodies, kids and other health enthusiasts. Zuchinni pasta, angel hair radish garnish for sushi and sashimi, potato prawn, bird nest are the most popular dishes.

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