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Model: Candy - Deep Frying Thermometer

  • This is ideal for making candy like butterscotch, and hard crack candy.

  • Also displays temps for cooking in oil such as deep frying ... make sure the oil is at the best temperature - not too hot that it will burn the food and not too cool that it will soak into the food.

  • Dial is 50mm and the stainless probe is 130mm long.

  • Comes with safety clip for clipping the thermometer to the side of the pot - no need to remove it between readings. 

  • Dishwasher safe with an adjustable pointer and a probe clip to hold onto most types of cooker. Saucepan clip included!

  • Display temperature range is +40 C up to 210 C or 400 F.

  • Display shows degrees C & degrees F so you don't have to convert those older tried & true recipes!

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