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Smoker Roaster Gauge

Smoker Roaster Gauge

Retrofit to your BBQ hood - perfect!

  • This is the perfect replacement gauge – or great new addition to your Grill or smoker oven.
  • if you have built your own smoker this is the perfect addition so you know the temperature when you are smoking.
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Glow in the dark dial and pointer.
  • Retrofit this into your BBQ Hood or Smoker and know exactly what your equipment is doing.
  • Hey – it’s better than guessing, right!

MAN LAW #10:  Flare-ups will be handled calmly and discreetly until such time as flames spread to a national park

The confident chef is keen to try all the different cooking methods on his BBQ.  Smoking is one cooking style that gives great scope when it comes to adding subtle flavors to meat.  Hickory and mesquite are popular woods for smoking but there are others too, like tea tree, cherry, peach, and banksia.  You can add herbs and spices to the water along with the  wood chips, for extra scents and tastes.

The cardinal rule of course, is to smoke the meat not your guests, which is where the MAN LAW smoker-roaster thermometer comes in.  To maximize the flavour of the meat, you need to avoid losing your smoke by opening the lid of the BBQ too frequently.  The Smoker-Roaster Thermometer makes it unnecessary to keep checking the meat to see if it's done, which means you open the lid less.  Just put the gauge into the side of the smoker and you can monitor the temperature without opening the lid to let the heat out.  The thermometer has a tough, stainless steel housing and a large glow-in-the-dark dial for easy reading.  It has an extra long probe for accurate readings and a temperature range from 50'C up to 300'C.

So you get perfectly cooked meat while MAN LAW has the satisfaction of knowing they've saved yet another group of BBQ fans from being kippered.

Smoker-Roaster Thermometer:   MAN-T702BBQ

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