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Bleu Gizmo AZ363 DIGI PROBE

Digi Probe (AZ363)

Blue Gizmo

Bleu Gizmo (AZ363) DIGI PROBE

Blue Gizmo Digital Probe Lollipop Thermometer (BG363) is a must-have tool for any kitchen.
Your foods need to be cooked and held within the proper time and temperature constraints, so it is vital to have a thermometer that you can count on to give an accurate reading fast.

This tool is a perfect companion to chefs and kitchen staff because of its portability and ease of use!

Temperature Range From -10°C To +200°Celsius
A clear and easy-to-read display so that you can tell the temperature faster.

Water Resistant
Use it while cooking in the oven or on the grill at your restaurant, bistro, café, deli, or at home!

Protective Cover with Pocket Clip
The plastic storage sleeve keeps your thermometer clean and ready to use at all times, and limits the risk of accidental cross-contamination.

Built-in Clip
A built-in clip makes it easy to secure to a shirt or chef coat pocket as you move around the kitchen, and it can also be used as a handle to keep your hands a safe distance away from heat.

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