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Shun Chinese Chopper DM0712

Shun Chinese Chopper DM0712

Kai Shun

Shun Chinese Chopper DM0712  Blade Length: 7.75 in. (19.7 cm)

The Shun Classic Vegetable Cleaver, known as a Chinese cleaver, is a large knife with a very wide blade. Every part of it can be put to use. The edge is used to chop vegetables, especially larger ones such as cabbage, which are frequently a part of Chinese cuisine. Yet some cooks find their cleaver nimble enough for almost every kind of chopping and slicing. The flat of the blade makes a great tool for smashing garlic cloves or ginger, too. The Shun Classic Vegetable Cleaver feels solid, but Shun's thinner blade makes it easy to handle so food preparation is a pleasure. Please do NOT use the Vegetable Cleaver on joints, bones or meat. The Meat Cleaver is made for that. Made in japan.

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