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F Dick Premier plus 7+quot Flexi Fillet

Premier Plus 7" Flexi Fillet Knife


F Dick Premier plus 7" Flexi Fillet (Super flexible Fillet Knife)

Product Information:
F.DICK Premier Plus Range of knives are carefully forged and balanced with a perfectly proportioned handle. The handle and blade are seamlessly connected, offering ideal hygiene and ease of maintenance. 
The blade is made of high quality alloy X50CrMoV15. This delivers prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximum sharpness. Each knife is sharpened, honed and polished by hand. 

Key Features:
* Forged knives with bolster and integrated tang non-slip
* Handle made of high-quality plastic
* Classic knife
* Great for filleting meat and fish

* Made In Germany

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