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Whetstone Pro800 Medium Grit


Tojiro Sharpening Stone PRO800 Medium Grit  (21x6.5x3.2cm)

Tojiro’s synthetic whetstones are manufactured from fine, pefectly graded, sintered ceramic and are strongly
recommended for the maintenance of Tojiro blades. Tojiro whetstones and accessories have been developed to
cater for the needs of enthusiastic cooks to professional chefs and are available in a wide range of abrasive grades.

How to Choose Which Grade of Whetsone You Need

Rough Grain: #200 to #400 are designed to repair knives when they have chipping. It grinds the blades efficiently and are suitable for most knives.

Middle Grain: #800 to #1200 are designed for edging of blades. This will do everything for you and is suitable as a general knife sharpener for all kinds of baldes and use.

Finish Grain: #3000 to #10000 are designed for getting rid of tiny scratches that are made by middle grain and doing “Kobadome” that is a method to make edge stronger.

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