WOLL Diamond Light


WOLL Diamond Light 

Woll Germany is proud to release it’s latest hi-tech cookware range “Diamond Light” to the Australian market. Recently launched to critical acclaim in the USA market, this new generation cookware is setting new standards in non-stick cooking excellence.
Diamond Plus’ superior temperature resistance to a maximum
heat of 450°C removes any restrictions on conventional cooking methods i.e. full heat on gas cooktops and high temperature in oven use. This high-heat rating makes these pans the ultimate choice for a perfectly seared steak.
Diamond is the world’s most thermally conductive material.
Aluminium is the most thermally conductive metal.
The combination of the aluminium core and the diamond layer within Diamond Light cookware provides for the best heat transfer and ensures even cooking performance at
all times.
Lighter in Weight: In response to the trend towards a less heavy style of cookware that is easy to handle, Woll has developed a new range which combines the unsurpassed cooking attributes of the traditional gravity cast cookware but now in a lighter and more functional format.
Diamond Coating: Adding to this excellence, is the incredible new nano-technology diamond coating ‘Diamond Plus’. This new innovative coating is recognised worldwide as the best non-stick coating. Woll is so sure that it’s coating is the best in the world, that it has given it a limited lifetime guarantee.
Detachable Handles: To complete this new cooking experience, all Diamond Plus pans are fitted with a new “solid clasp” patented detachable handle system.
• Allows for placing the pan straight into the oven from the cooktop, the detachable
handle should then be removed so you always have a cool to touch handle to retrieve the pan whilst also preserving space within the oven.
(Please note that detachable handles should not be left attached whilst the pan is in the oven).
• Allows for highly optimized storage in drawers and
• Allows for neat and easy placement in the dishwasher.
Lids: All Sauté pans and Woks come with a lid which has a specially designed steam vent. All lids are oven safe to 260°C.

Why ? WOLL Diamond Light

• The only high heat non-stick cookware in the world
• High heat tolerance of up to 450°C
• Excellent toughness and durability – metal utensil safe
• Excellent and even heat distribution via diamonds
• Sets the industry bench-mark for non-stick performance
• Hand cast technology guarantees no cracking or warping
• Robotic and computerized coating application
• Diamond base-guarantees no blisters, bubbles or peeling
• Elegant, timeless design
• Dishwasher safe
• PFOA-free
• Limited lifetime guarantee on cookware and coating
• Solid state detachable handles with patented mechanism
• Proven state of the art induction technology
• Completely made in Germany

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